ADHD Daily: A Realistic Evening of Prepping Dinner Amidst Unending Distractions

 Finally wrapping up work at 6 PM because I got into a hyperfocus zone and could not stop myself… again. 💻

It’s dinner time but clearly I have not planned for dinner so there’s nothing to eat… I look in the fridge and found a box of pre-cut vegetables I could stir-fry. Great! I take them out only to realize that the kitchen counter is fully cluttered with dishes and mugs. 🍽️

I set the box of pre-cut vegetables on top of the coffee maker instead. 🥦

I look over at the sink, which is also full of dishes that need to be washed. I put all the dishes on the counter into the sink, and after washing the first dish, I open the dishwasher (the unofficial drying rack) to find it filled with more dishes. “Of course, I forgot to unload it!” 🤦

After unloading the dishes, I stare into the dirty sink full of dishes with no desire to wash them anymore. “I can always cook first and come back to this later.” 🍳

I opened the fridge to get the pre-cut veggies, but they’re gone. I noticed leftover pizza I forgot about, which reminded me… Don’t we have more frozen pizza? 🍕

I open the freezer to find no pizza but there’s a half bag of chicken nuggets I also forgot about. Craving nuggets, I decided to make them instead. 🍗

Of course, I threw out the box with instructions, so I need to google the temperature to bake them. To look this up, I need my phone, but where is my phone? 📱 

I walk into the bedroom to a floor full of clothes. I instinctively begin picking up the clothes. As I take some items out to the laundry bin, I walk past the kitchen. “Right! I need to bake the nuggets…!” 🍽️

I went back again into the bedroom to find my phone. I noticed 3 notifications and instinctively opened Facebook. After a 5-minute doom scroll session sitting on the bedroom floor, I remembered - “Nuggets!! Bake the nuggets!” 🤔

I finally managed to correctly preheat the oven. Since preheating will take a while, I can still make the stirfry while I’m waiting.  🌶️

I open the fridge again but don’t find the pre-cut veggies. I look around and see them on the coffee machine. “How did it get here?”  🤷

“Ugh… I don’t want to look up instructions.” I decided at the last minute I'll just air fry them instead.  🍲

The oven beeps reminding me the preheating was done. I put the nuggets in, 15 minutes, I tell myself as I look at the time, and proceed to immediately forget. 🕰️

I sprinkled some premade seasoning and olive oil, mixed with the veggies and sent them into the air fryer with the veggie preset 15 minute option. Easy peasy. 🍽️

I remembered the leftover pizza again, upon opening the fridge I noticed a small container in the corner. Opening it out of curiosity, I realized this was the last bit of pre-cut veggies that didn’t fit into the other box. Totally forgot. Yikes… 😬

With the nuggets and veggies still baking and me losing patience, I went back to my work desk to sit down.🪑

I see a notification on my computer… Too curious, I sat down to read the message. And one thing reminds me of another and I have no idea how long later… the air fryer beeps. 📬

The beep reminded me of the nuggets, and I ran out into the kitchen to turn off the oven, to see browned nuggets that were in there 10 minutes too long.  🍗

The dishes are unwashed, I lost my phone again, used Facebook more than I wanted, and somehow ended up staying late at work again… 🤦‍♂️

On a good note, the kitchen is not on fire, dinner is ready (though I wanted stir fry but made roasted veggies with nuggets instead) and I replied to a couple extra work messages. 🍽️📱

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