🎯🧠 Hyperfocus and Executive Dysfunction: The Rollercoaster of Productivity

You know what you need to get done - a homework assignment, a slidedeck for work, the dreaded chore.

The process seems straightforward:

Start somewhere ⇒ Take steps toward the goal ⇒ Get to the goal

Seems easy right?

As an ADHDer, I often know EXACTLY what I need to do, but struggle to get there.

When I’m in a state of *hyperfocus*:- I’m DETERMINED, FOCUSED, and HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE, and can get things done at lightning speed. - It’s like driving on a highway at 100 miles per hour, clear skies, not a car in sight

I know EXACTLY what I’m capable of, but I can’t consistently replicate it.

Neurotypicals have variability in their capacity to get things done day-to-day, based on mood, energy levels, etc. But it’s comparatively more predictable.

As an ADHDer, everyday is a *wildcard*, I just don’t know if I can get to my optimal productivity.

On many days, I find myself stuck in a state of *executive dysfunction*

Akin like a GPS that’s constantly recalculating the route since every route has obstacles - red lights, road closures, construction, traffic jams, car accidents…

I reroute and reroute, trying to reach the intended destination. When I finally get there, I’m completely exhausted and utterly burnt out.

Knowing exactly what I am capable of, but struggling to get there, often leaves me feeling completely and utterly incapable.

“Why can’t I just get it together!? I could do it yesterday.”

This is completely self-esteem shattering. Executive dysfunction is:

  • - NOT laziness
  • - NOT a lack of willpower
  • - NOT a consequence of not trying hard enough

Despite believing this about myself all my life, prior to my diagnosis.

I’m seeking support and developing strategies to navigate and overcome executive dysfunction.

If you relate, this is NOT a personal failing. ADHD is a neurological condition that affects how our brains function. I encourage you to seek support and diagnosis from a medical professional.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The information presented represents my personal understanding and experiences.

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